Monday, June 21, 2010

DIY--WaterColor Leggings--TUTORIAL

I didn't knew Water Color Leggings even were in existance until i came upon this blog from Cocorosa about her own DIY water color leggings

however she didn't show a tutorial so i decided to.
mine didn't come out as amazing as hers(shown at the beginning of blog), but i am still satisfied.

You Need:
  • fabric paints (pretty bright pastle colors recommended)

  • a small plastic bowl
  • a cup of water
  • an empty plastic water bottle
  • a small cup/bowl
  • a funnel (optional)
  • somewhat sheer white leggings
first step

Take your sheer leggings and turn it inside out

Second Step

Squeeze a little bit of paint in your small bowl

Third Step

Add water into the small bowl
if you want the color to be brighter--ADD LESS WATER
if you want the color to be lighter--ADD MORE WATER(not too much)

Fourth Step
streak it on the leggings in any way you'd like.
I like to go back and look at Cocorosa's blog post about it and see her pictures for an example of how to do it.

Fifth Step

When your done with the color, pour it into a small bowl

after that...

pour it into a water bottle by using a funnel (optional).
my bowl has a somewhat funnel b/c its a heart :)

Now Repeat the same steps for the other colors


do the same for the other side of the leggings.

Flip the leggings inside out an there you go;
watercolor leggings

The reason why i flip the leggings inside out to this, is because you want the water color leggings to be a light gentle color that really shows its waterness(lol).

it'll be too bright if you do the painting right on it.
it would take the water color effect away.

i'm not sure if its washable,
but i wouldn't take the chance unless it is covered in mud and bugs.

hope you liked this tutorial

good luck


Angie said...

take more pictures! they look awesome :D thanks for this great diy project!

Angie said...

i'll be sure to check them out :)

kirstyb said...

thats fabulous thanks so much for sharing xxxxx