Monday, June 21, 2010

DIY--WaterColor Leggings--TUTORIAL

I didn't knew Water Color Leggings even were in existance until i came upon this blog from Cocorosa about her own DIY water color leggings

however she didn't show a tutorial so i decided to.
mine didn't come out as amazing as hers(shown at the beginning of blog), but i am still satisfied.

You Need:
  • fabric paints (pretty bright pastle colors recommended)

  • a small plastic bowl
  • a cup of water
  • an empty plastic water bottle
  • a small cup/bowl
  • a funnel (optional)
  • somewhat sheer white leggings
first step

Take your sheer leggings and turn it inside out

Second Step

Squeeze a little bit of paint in your small bowl

Third Step

Add water into the small bowl
if you want the color to be brighter--ADD LESS WATER
if you want the color to be lighter--ADD MORE WATER(not too much)

Fourth Step
streak it on the leggings in any way you'd like.
I like to go back and look at Cocorosa's blog post about it and see her pictures for an example of how to do it.

Fifth Step

When your done with the color, pour it into a small bowl

after that...

pour it into a water bottle by using a funnel (optional).
my bowl has a somewhat funnel b/c its a heart :)

Now Repeat the same steps for the other colors


do the same for the other side of the leggings.

Flip the leggings inside out an there you go;
watercolor leggings

The reason why i flip the leggings inside out to this, is because you want the water color leggings to be a light gentle color that really shows its waterness(lol).

it'll be too bright if you do the painting right on it.
it would take the water color effect away.

i'm not sure if its washable,
but i wouldn't take the chance unless it is covered in mud and bugs.

hope you liked this tutorial

good luck

Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties Perfume

These babies are so adorable.
Now I've never tried this summer collection.
I've only tried the original collection in Music & G.
I actually have them right now in the BIG bottle not the small ones.
I think i read somewhere they smell differently.
but iunno, either way they are so adorable.
Harajuku Lovers is like my absolute favorite brand in perfume and in shoes.
especially in oxfords.
If you look at the little Harajuku Lovers, you can see they all got a tan.
i just love the sweet details the lable puts on perfume.

They also had the winter collection.
i saw the winter collection in 2009 while xmas shopping with my bff.

There called the Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies
or something like that.
Once again, i'm not sure if they smell differently from the original collection.
in my opinion, that would be pretty lame if they did smelled the same.
I mean your just buying the perfumes for the different outfits then.

If Gwen Stefani made a doll collection of these,
i would buy all 5 of them :)

Must Have Shoes :D

Harajuku Lovers Dobson Tuxedo Shoes

Harajuku Lovers Packard Tailord Oxford

i'm seriously becoming intrested in oxford heels :)
The one above have heels that seem smaller than other oxfords.
However, i think this brand (harajuku lovers;which i love deeply) is a little more expensive than others.
unless i'm wrong and there all in the $90-$100

be sure to check my


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Shopping List :)

My parents give me $20 at the end every month
unless i don't do my chores than thats 50 cents off each time.

I plan on getting these items before school starts again.

· Bra (2)($6-$8)
· Crest 3D White Multi-Care Whitening Rinse Fresh Mint Mouthwash($3-$5)
· The Reach Total Care Toothbrush(around $1 w/ coupon)
· Listerine soft mint antiseptic mouthwash
· Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Flouride Toothpaste, Refreshing Mint($3-$5)
· Cheap black eyeshadow
· kabuki brush($3-$8)

· Slanted/angle face brush ($3-$8)

· Highlighter brush(stippling for use)($3-$8)

· NYC loose translucent powder smooth skin ($3-$4)
· Maybelline Shine Free Loose Powder ($7-$10)
· Maybelline Color Sensational “born with it” (015) color ($5-$7)
· L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick, 840 Nature's Blush, .13 oz
· Revlon Blushing Berry 002 Matte Powder Blush($8-$10)
· Covergirl: Rose Silk Cheekers Blush($3-5)
· Wet N Wild: Illuminating Powder 345 Catwalk Pink Megaglo, .32 oz ($3-$4)
· Revlon colorstay blemish concealer($9-$10)
· Revlon Matte Make up (only if skin tone darkened)
· Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup($10-$14)

and for my teenage budget
I'm buying all of this from my local Wal-Mart :D

Monday, May 17, 2010

How to Photograph Yourself Easily for Posing.

its pretty irritating to run back and forth to pose for the camera before the timer on the camera runs out.
you get tired of posing--run back to camera--posing--run back to camera
same process again and again
well what i usually do is put my camera on video and just pose a bunch of times.
after that i would upload the video and edit it on windows movie maker.
i would click the camera snapshot button on the bottom right of the video screen to create pictures from the video.

for example, the picture from the video i did for my photoshoot is at the very top
and the video is at the bottom which i did for the photoshoot (the video is horizontal b/c i hung the camera by its string on a door knob; LOL)
although, i only do these once in a while because the quality of the pictures aren't as good because they are from a fuzzy video. you would just have to edit the pictures very well on photoshop or on

which is a free and awesome picture editing site (i edit all my pictures from there).

this is my second time doing this method.
its good if you want to do a simple and quick photoshoot, if you're pretty good at photoshop or editting pictures, or if you want to capture movement like my hair in this picture.

the first time i did this method was a while ago for my chicblog.
The pictures came out pretty well (which i took for chictopia on an outfit).

Friday, May 7, 2010

Chinese fashion Photographer: Chen Man

Chen Man is simply inspiring and creative

I discovered her from this website
Her work is stunning and she herself is a beautiful woman
go to the website and see her yourself

Prom Dresses

I know prom has probaly passed for many schools and my senior prom isn't till 2012-2013 but that doesn't mean i shouldn't share with people for the future.

Here are some dresses that can make you stand out no matter which category you choose out of these:
Grecian (my future prom dress might be from this category)


Floral Prints

Bold Colours
Don't be afraid to be different and stand out.
afterall, Senior prom only comes once in a lifetime
(unless you failed senior year and you have to repeat the grade, LOL)
P.S. sorry if the blog set up is all @#!a&* up

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Must have items from Yesstyle :)

( Its a hoodie with cute little ears on it )


Unfortunatley I must WAIT to buy these items because i am broke from my last shopping spree.

Its funny how I'm already stocking up for Fall when its almost Summer.

Hopefully these items will still exsist and are even lowered a little.

-Jasmine <3

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quick Look @ my Photography.

i know i know pretty amazing

lol just kidding

but i really do like this picture out of the others i have taken

for example...

i'm sort of an amature right now
but i'm learning :D
and maybe 0ne day i can take a picture like this

Spring is here my little chinese dumpling :)

I bought some stuff from Forever 21 & I am basically broke :(

but man oh man was it worth it :)

I have final exams & all that joyness coming this upcoming week D:
wish me luck .

P.S. i also added a new post on Chictopia

be sure to check out some other posts i have up there :)

-Jasmine <3>