Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quick Look @ my Photography.

i know i know pretty amazing

lol just kidding

but i really do like this picture out of the others i have taken

for example...

i'm sort of an amature right now
but i'm learning :D
and maybe 0ne day i can take a picture like this

Spring is here my little chinese dumpling :)

I bought some stuff from Forever 21 & I am basically broke :(

but man oh man was it worth it :)

I have final exams & all that joyness coming this upcoming week D:
wish me luck .

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-Jasmine <3>

Sunday, April 18, 2010

That Guy.

Did you ever had your heart feel like it was probably about to fall right out of your chest because it’s so worn out?
Worn out from what you’re wondering?
Love; one word that can explain it all.
Right now, my heart feels like its being squeezed; squeezed out if its misery.
I’m sure that doesn’t make any sense but it makes perfect sense in my mind.
Sure, its not like my heart can actually be broken or anything (I’d be literally dead if it was) but one can feel broken, no?
Oh me, how did you even get in this mess?
Oh I know, maybe deciding it was alright to think about that kid all the time; with the sun & with the stars.
I’m hurt so much, I have to listen to music that basically says “I don’t need you in my life and you can just go to H-E double hockey sticks” after school every day.
Of course those aren’t actual lyrics from a song but then again I wouldn’t be surprised (have you listened, like actually listened to some of the songs that come on the radio; ridiculous).
I honestly think this kid hates me or worse…
Just really doesn’t care.
I knew I was being a little annoying but our hormones are all screwed up when we’re in love & we’ll do anything to talk to the one we love.
Whoa, did I really just typed down I loved this kid?
Maybe “infatuation” should be the correct term or maybe even “stupid”.
Yeah that’s it, I use to “stupid” him.
Btw, when I’m saying kid, I’m not referring to an actual kid (I’m no pedobear, thanks).
I’m referring to the guy who caught my eye & then kicked sand in it (that wasn’t meant literally either).
Anyways, it would be stupid of me NOT to move on.
He’s probably god’s most difficult & complicated human creation I’ve ever met.
So far I’m forcing myself to block the thoughts of him that try to slip into my mind at night & avoid conversation of any sort with him (even though I do want to really speak to him).
Is that a stupid plan?
Whatever, I’m going with that plan & its going by finely.
I feel like a total noobcake typing this & even a bigger noobcake for having the word “noobcake” in my vocabulary.
Well, I’m done complaining like an emotional noobcake. (ugh, i said it again)
Who even writes on blogs, anyways?
Weirdoes, that’s who;
So I guess that makes me a weirdo.

Enough with the emo state;

I saw this shirt (above with the heart) & other outfit (above & below the first picture) & got inspired to make something similar by merging the two ideas together.

(these two girls are from Lookbook)

I'll post a blog about it when I'm finished :)

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P.S.S. I was the photographer for the picture on the very top of the blog.
(my ex best friend & boyfriend (who is now her ex...& was actually mine as well))